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At Hubble, we redefine work by creating innovative HR solutions customized for your unique needs. Our goal is to integrate with both current and future talent, changing work for visionary businesses.

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At Hubble, we offer experience in human resources through our integral solution that satisfies all your talent needs. We do not see ourselves simply as a service provider, but as an extension of your own team, effectively becoming your dedicated Human Resources department.

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We add value by working hand-in-hand with our clients towards defined objectives.

Discover and Define
We begin by understanding your business, its culture, and specific needs. We analyze your current HR practices and identify areas of improvement or necessary changes.
Strategize and Customize
Based on our discovery phase, we develop a strategic HR plan tailored to your business. This includes choosing and customizing the right tools, processes, and HR models that best suit your company.
Implement and Integrate
We roll out the tailored HR strategy, incorporating innovative technologies, software, and AI solutions. We ensure seamless integration with your business operations.
Monitor, Enhance and Operate
Post-implementation, we continuously monitor the performance and effectiveness of the HR strategy. We collect feedback, analyze results, and make necessary adjustments for ongoing optimization of your HR daily operations.
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Logo Rayados de Monterrey
Rayados de Monterrey Football Club

We had the pleasure of working with Hubble to enhance our workplace culture and optimize our human resources management at Rayados de Monterrey Football Club. Their expertise and commitment to excellence truly transformed our organization.

Logo Tecnológico de Monterrey
Tecnológico de Monterrey

Hubble played a pivotal role in transforming our workplace culture and revolutionizing our human resources management practices at Tecnológico de Monterrey. Their dedication and expertise helped us achieve significant improvements throughout our organization.

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Human Capital Disrupter | Speaker | Author | AI HR

Our founder

Dora is an accomplished specialist in Human Capital and Business Management with over 20 years of experience. As the founder of multiple companies, including Hubble, she brings a deep understanding of the value of Human Capital to organizations. With a diverse background in industries such as IT, petrochemicals, food and beverages, telecommunications, and real estate, she has a wealth of knowledge.

She is a respected speaker and author, delivering conferences on talent management, Human Capital innovation, organizational culture, and business leadership. Her recently published book, "Make It Happen! 41 Lessons in Human Capital," showcases her expertise.

As the Chapter Chair of the Women's President Organization, she is dedicated to empowering women in leadership roles. In her free time, she enjoys reading and participating in marathons in cities like Berlin, Chicago, and New York.

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Hubble Benefits

Unleashing the Potential of Employees with Exclusive Benefits Program!

Company Culture
Coming Soon

Hubble Benefits is a cutting-edge digital rewards platform designed to appreciate and motivate your company's team. It bridges the gap between businesses and service providers, turning your employees into potential clients for a wide range of providers. Whether you're a start-up or an established corporation, our platform allows you to send rewards, incentives, and digital gifts, fostering a strong connection between your company and your employees.

Hubble Benefits is a powerful HR tool that enhances employee retention, boosts job satisfaction, and nurtures a positive and productive work environment.

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